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Of course we all want to be more health conscious – this means making smart food choices like preparing our own lunches and snacks. Take out food is expensive and usually high in calories, and processed snacks are rarely the best nutritional choice.

One of the small things that stop people from making better choices is the effort required and the general idea of brown bagging it. Let’s face it, eating a soggy sandwich out of a paper bag is not exactly appealing, no matter how healthy it might be.

LUNCH-A-PORTER was created with one purpose in mind: to make it easy for you to make the right choices. The lunch gear we feature are design driven, well-thought out for ease of use and eco-friendliness. Many of our products come from Japan, the country that invented the concept of a lacquered lunch box with little compartments for various foods (bento).

The variety of styles and colors make it much easier to embrace and adapt to an eco-intelligent lifestyle. Bringing your own lunch can now be healthy and fashionable.

Inspired by the sharp and practical fashion designs called pret-a-porter (ready to wear), we’ve created our line of Lunch-a-Porter so that you have no excuse to abandon style.

Trade the power lunch for the breezy park bench where you can relax and re-energize. Bringing your own lunches can now be economical, healthy, and fun. Just don’t be surprised when your co-workers ask where you found your great lunch gear!

For more 'HOW-TO' ideas on preparing your own Bento Lunches, visit our blog.

My story

My quest to find a better way to pack lunches for my family began when my children started going to school. As both a school volunteer and a member of the eco-committee, I realized how much garbage the students were generating at each meal. How could this be happening in a school that wanted to teach kids to be eco-conscious?

Unfortunately, here in North America we do not have a strong ‘bento’ culture of bringing our own lunch. Most items are either purchased in individually wrapped portions (wasteful and not environmentally friendly), or everything simply goes into ziplock type bags (not very appealing).

Since my family and I had the opportunity to go to Japan every year, where the 'lunch' culture abounds with new and innovative products, we found smart lunch containers and every year our friends and co-workers would ask us to bring some back for them too; and so the idea of offering eco-intelligent, designer lunch gear for the whole family was born!

We hope you find some ‘cool’ designer lunch gear here.

Thanks and Bon Appetit!

Lunch à porter in the media

Tellement bon! Magazine September - October 2015 edition (PDF 4MB).

Me Myself & Montreal

Salut Bonjour! L'Art bento by Les Bentô de Valérie

Our team

Nobuko Nadeau - Owner
You can reach me at any time by Email: nobuko@lunchaporter.com, or by telephone 1.514.344.4338 (Store) or Toll-free 1.866.576.5574 if you have questions about online shopping.

Rika Takahashi - Tokyo Liason / Buyer
Rika has much experience in the e-commerce space. She offers business assistance and marketing research for Lunch-a-Porter. She also works as liaison with lunch gear makers in Japan and China.


We offer wholesale pricing on Japanese products. Contact us at info@lunchaporter.com or by phone 514 344-4338
(Toll free: 866 576-5574) for more information.

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