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  • 24Bottles

    We are a fresh team of designers, thinkers and doers based in Italy.

    Quoting Massimo Vignelli, we think that the life of a designer is a life of fight:
    fight against the ugliness. The repercussions of ugliness are endless.

    As citizens we feel bad every time we see waste and decay, like people throwing disposables away all around the planet.

    As designers we seek and provide solutions.

    In 2013 we came out with the idea of something sustainable, smart and stylish for those who care like we do.

    We promote good habits and healthy living, without giving up on style.
    24Bottles is our brand of unique personal items.

    They last. They perform. They’re beautiful.

    The world’s happy. You save money. You look good.


    Abeego challenges assumptions about how to keep real food fresh. It is inspired by nature and believes natural materials are ideal for keeping food alive. Abeego is driven by common sense and a persistent desire to help people change the way they think about their food. The company is focused on providing a versatile material that can be used multiple times, in many ways, for varying degrees of food storage.

  • Aizawa

    A leading Japanese manufacturer of stainless steel kitchenware located in Niigata prefecture. They’ve been providing high quality, long lasting and well designed stainless steel kitchenware for over 90 years.

  • Alite Designs Cloverware

    They are a small group of rabble-rousers that want you to go outside more! Since their home base is San Francisco they know first hand that city living is a lame excuse for being cooped up. Magical outdoor fun is all around us, no matter the location. And they make a bunch of cool stuff that helps you get out there!

  • Artefact Bag Co.

    Artifact Bag Co. began February 2010 in my basement with a vintage commercial sewing machine I found on Craigslist. In December 2010, I left my job to run Artifact full-time. It may be the best decision I've ever made. All Artifact products are handmade in Omaha, NE using the finest waxed canvas and leather.

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  • Bambu

    Their products come from nature. Their ideas are inspired by the materials they work with and crafted in a way that supports sustainable business practices.

  • BKR

    Created by women who love great design and believe the objects in one’s life should be beautiful, effortless and loved. BKR releases seasonal collections that are based on runway trends and are generally all limited editions.

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  • Black and Blum

    An Anglo-Swiss design partnership developing a wide range of products. The company is driven by the opportunity to give each design its own unique character and soul. Black+Blum’s brief is to create functional products that will charm and entertain. Hopefully you will get as much enjoyment from Black+Blum products as designers did in designing them.

  • ChicoBag

    In early 2004, I took a trip to the local landfill after spending the day landscaping my backyard. I was horrified by how many single-use bags filled the scene. Plastic bags blanketed the landscape in a thin mix of white and beige plastic.

    On my way home, I continued to notice plastic bags everywhere; caught in trees and on fence posts, half drowned in gutter puddles and blowing in the streets like urban tumbleweeds. I vowed to stop using single-use bags for good. Inspired, I dropped a few bucks on a secondhand sewing machine and began sewing what would ultimately become the first ChicoBag brand reusable bag.

  • Dabbawalla

    A petite Seattle-based company whose sole mission is to offer well-designed bags made from sustainable materials that are washable, functional and fun. They continue to be inspired by the graphic simplicity of European design and committed to the founding mission that fun and functionality don’t have to compromise manufacturing ethics or environmental stewardship.
    FYI - da-ba-wa-lla: A person in India who carries lunch boxes to office workers.

  • Drink in the box

    Precidio Design creates drink and food storage/carrying products which support healthy, low sugar, BPA-free preferences by our customers. Our passion is designing and manufacturing solutions that improve on today’s ways to pack your food and beverages, and use only socially audited, responsible factories, and top quality materials to ensure our products are second to none in safety, durability, convenience and design.  Following a healthy lifestyle is easier with Drink in the Box, Snack in the Box and Multi Flask, and our customers across more than 20 countries can attest!  Better products which are better for our planet makes a win-win solution which we are proud of.

  • Earthlust

    EarthLust was founded in San Francisco in 2008 with a vision to create a safer more ecological alternative to how people drink on the go. The outcome was an earth friendly reusable bottle that is safe and beautifully designed.

    Today, Alex Hess and Cecila Perkins are the duo behind EarthLust. We are proud of EarthLust’s accomplishments. It’s a little company that has the potential for a lot of good. We are passionate about our products and believe in the contribution they make towards protecting our health and the health of our environment by keeping our drinking water safe and eliminating plastic waste.

  • Fluf

    Fluf is a Canadian design and manufacturing company committed to producing sustainable products without compromise. With four kids between the owners, they are wired to create products that are, first and foremost, practical, and durable, healthy and safe, not to mention beautiful. They don’t make anything that can’t be machine-washed. They are big on waste reducing - and money saving! 

  • Foxy & Winston

    Jane Buck established Foxy & Winston in 2005. She creates playful and vibrant designs on stationery and textiles, using screen-printing and letterpress techniques. Over the years she has built a reputation from her whimsical line of paper goods, organic screen-printed textiles and custom letterpress stationery. Her inspiration comes from a love of animals and nature, with a spot of humor thrown in for good measure. 

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  • GEL Cool

    Recipient of the 2006 Good Design Award by Japan IDP, the Gel-Cool series lunch boxes are unique in that they deal with the problem of keeping food at a safe temperature very neatly with an ice pack built right into the top lid. GEL-Design Co. is an extension of Hokkaido University research labs.

  • Goodbyn

    Goodbyn strives to make a difference in how people think about preparing food on-the-go — for themselves, for those they care about, and for the planet.

  • Hakoya

    One of the largest manufacturers of traditional and modern style bento lunch boxes. Hakoya has been producing lacquered kitchenware for over 65 years. Exceptional quality and style is their trademark.

  • Joco Cups

    Sick of tossing disposable coffee cups one, two, and even three times a day (depending on work-to-surf ratios, of course) and uninterested in both the chemical taste and poor style of plastic reusable coffee cups, we came together to raise a little brainchild we’d been sharing for a long time: A reusable glass coffee cup that heightened our beloved coffee drinking experience, instead of degrade it. The cup had to look and feel good, as well as be environmentally and barista friendly. It had to be JOCO.

  • Joseph Joseph

    Joseph Joseph started life relatively small with only a few products in its early collection. This collection included a number of kitchen items but there was one product that stood out; a simple glass chopping board. The functional, hygienic nature of the chopping board shifted the brothers’ focus onto designing everyday products with a core problem-solving approach.

    They looked at other areas of the kitchen and soon found that the majority of products out there simply weren’t performing as well as they should and so started on a path to transform household essentials.

    The brand has now grown to include innovative and functional products not only for the kitchen but areas within waste management and cleaning tools.

  • Keep Leaf

    Keep Leaf is committed to a big idea. To create a lifestyle brand that celebrates beautiful, well designed products that make the world a better place. To use sustainable materials and responsible methods of production, and to support meaningful causes.

  • Kilner

    The Kilner business was first established by John Kilner in the 1840's in England. The original Kilner jar is as much loved and successful now as it was 120 years ago. Its long-lasting popularity is owed to its distinctive pressure seal and iconic design. 

  • Kinto

    KINTO was established in Japan in 1972. All of the Kinto products are based on Japanese sensible and conscientious ideas to make our lives comfortable. They are a company that values the production of life-long and frequently useable designs for everyday life.

  • Kishu Charcoal

    Kishu Charcoal was born in 2011 as an alternative to plastic water filters. Determined to find an eco-friendly, plastic-free way to filter tap water, we came across a material used in Japan for thousands of years. Made by artisans, using traditional methods and handmade kilns, Kishu Charcoal is brought to life from sustainably harvested oak branches slowly carbonized to 1000 degrees. After a number of days, a beautiful and glass-like activated charcoal emerges.

  • KOR

    What started as KOR's simple goal of perfecting the reusable bottle has expanded into a company charged with celebrating, protecting, and treasuring water. Today, KOR is hard at work spreading "sustainable hydration" to the world in a growing line of design-driven hydration products and enlisting water advocates, one customer at a time.

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  • Lifefactory

    Lifefactory was born in 2007 when pediatric feeding specialist, Pam Marcus, and integrative designer, Daren Joy, joined together to develop a line of health-minded, design-forward baby bottles. The Company has grown and the product line has expanded but the purity of their original vision remains.

  • Light My Fire

    Most outdoor equipment was plain and drab brown, black and green. With the help of the legendary brand specialist Claes Andréasson (Absolut Vodka) and the successful copywriter Steve Strid, Light My Fire turned into a brand concept. At the same time, Calill Odqvist, Michael's daughter, who had worked for the company since the early days, became our CEO. From then on, premium-quality outdoor products, designed with a smile and a whole palette of color, were our business.

  • Lunchbots

    LunchBots is a family-owned business and their mission is simple: to provide the highest quality, best-looking, healthiest food containers on the planet.

    Concerned about chemicals in plastic containers leaching into food, the founder, Jacqueline Linder, went on a search for alternatives. Stainless steel was the perfect material; it’s safe, lightweight, and non-breakable. Now you can choose from a wide range of colors and compartmentalized stainless-steel containers from Lunchbots.

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  • Lunchskins

    Three moms. Nine busy kids. And a whole lot of plastic - that’s how this story began around a kitchen table. The three moms also shared a desire for simple solutions, a deep respect for the environment, and a love of family and community. Their “aha!” moment came when they learned that each day 20 million sandwich bags end up in landfills or go directly into waterways. Fueled by this sad fact, the lack of alternatives and a natural curiosity, they set out to create an easy, modern solution. 

  • Mia Cucina

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  • Miyamoto Sangyo

    A Japanese  lacquerware manufacturer from Ishikawa prefecture. They produce a wide range of tableware, from traditional to modern style.

  • MonBento

    monbento is based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The company was founded by Emilie (CEO), Fabien (design and production) and Arnaud (web marketing). From the beginning, monbento thrived due to the diverse and complementary talents of the three co-founders. Innovation and creativity are the words by which monbento lives in order to offer an increasingly rich line of products revolving around the bento box.

  • My Cup of Tea

    "my cup of tea™"'s ultimate goal is to guide you into a world of surprises where tea is strongly link to the authentic value of life and well being. It enables you to discover a perfect balance between the traditional ways of tea and its modern romantic side. We strive to provide you, our dear customers, a trustworthy and unique ex-perience of life by introducing you to series of innovative work of art.

  • Nussha Japanware

    Manufacturer of the famous Japanware brand.  Creating unique kitchenware using a blend of modern European lifestyle design with traditional Japanese craftsmanship. 

  • OJapaneseTea

    For three generations, the tea shop Sakao Shizouka of Japan has kept the art of tea service for rich and aromatic experience for tea lovers . The company has developed its traditional Sakao exclusive method 80 years ago to treat tea leaves, while maximizing the freshness and flavor.

  • ONYX Stainless steel containers

    Like most new parents, the owners at ONYX became more aware of the health compromises when cooking, storing and eating food. They also believed that everyone should be able to buy safe and environmentally responsible products without breaking the bank. So they spent a great deal of time researching plastic alternatives and found that the few choices out there are either low quality or hugely marked up. The products that Onyx carries are of the highest quality, manufactured in responsible conditions and are very fairly priced. 

  • OXO

    OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. We study people—lefties  and righties, male and female, young and old—interacting with products and we identify opportunities for meaningful improvement. Our thoughtful, “question everything” process and relentless attention to detail uncover the best solutions for life’s everyday tasks.

  • Prime Nakamura

    Maker of kitchen gear and our long time best seller Block Bento box (lego style). 


    Attractive Life Creator. We provide fresh and creative goods and ideas for colorful lifestyles.

  • SIGG

    For over 100 years, SIGG has utilized Swiss precision to design and build products that make life easier and a little more enjoyable. SIGG is a brand of optimism and hope, of forward thinking and positive action. They make bottles to the highest standards of Swiss quality and craftsmanship. Bottles that are ecologically sound, reusable and ultimately, easily recycled.

  • Sili Squeeze

    The Sili Company develops products for parents and caretakers that allow children to enjoy wholesome, nutrient-rich foods on the go. Their dedicated team works hard to make the adventures of parenthood a little easier, while keeping an environmentally conscious mind.

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  • SoYoung

    SoYoung is not about diaper bags, or lunch boxes or any product, for that matter. It is about inspiration and courage. It’s about having an idea and then, however scary, taking the next step and the next step, until it blossoms into a reality. And the self-empowerment that comes from this process.While we’re having fun here at SoYoung, it is certainly not roses day in and day out. But I now know that without struggle, we don’t grow, learn or assign meaning to much.

  • Stasher

    inspiration and innovation seem to go hand-in-hand. stasher founder kat nouri had her a-ha moment while making a sandwich.

    As a busy mother of three, kat had been making school lunches for years, and every time she packed her kids’ sandwiches in disposable plastic baggies, she’d think there’s got to be a better way. aside from the millions of pounds of plastic that go into landfill each year, she was concerned about the effects of petroleum-based plastics on her family.

  • Studio Patro

    “Useful” and “beautiful” – our tea towels and aprons are used as an accent – a brief moment of subtle color, modern pattern or words that inspire. They’re a place to rest your eye, bring a smile to your face, and add a bit of beauty and color to your life and home. Customers are encouraged to use their towels, wash them often, and enjoy the patina that comes with age. These practical habits have inspired the company’s motto, “Use Cloth Not Paper”.

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  • Swell

    In 2010, S'well was launched with a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles.
    When developing and designing the S'well bottle, S’well aimed to create a beautifully crafted bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. The company is working towards bettering our environment and communities around the world, one S'well bottle at a time.

  • Takenaka

    Takenaka bento boxes are of superior quality and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

    Made in Japan since 1925.

  • Tiger Japan

    Tiger Corporation was founded in 1923 in Japan. It all started with glass vacuum bottles and went on to expand to rice cookers, stainless steel beverage containers, electric water heaters, and other cooking appliances. The vacuum bottle, which is the origin on which Tiger was founded, is a product that not only functions to keep drinks and soups warm; it plays the role of a magic tool that warms the hearts of those who drink from it. 

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  • To-go Ware

    Founded in 2004, To-Go Ware is committed to inspiring healthy lifestyle through food, community, and planet by providing products that are;

    innovative • safe • environmentally responsible • affordable • convenient

    To-Go Ware brings common sense to the convenience of our “to-go” culture. By providing people with sustainable solutions and healthful alternatives to plastic waste, we hope to make the “throw-away” mentality a thing of the past. We ask you to participate in the process of positive change. Choose to reuse.

  • Torune

    Specializing in kitchenware and all things cute for decorating and adding joy to your lunch box.

  • U-Konserve

    U•Konserve waste-free and reusable lunch-packing and food-storage solutions were a natural outgrowth of what two women saw as a critical need that required immediate attention. Calculating the amount of lunch trash being produced each day at their own schools shocked them enough to begin more research into reusable products that would dramatically cut down on our Earth’s ever-growing garbage pile. Focusing on how school lunch programs operate opened their eyes and propelled them to create Kids Konserve.

  • UOAK

    A small family owned Japanese business, specializing in hand crafted leather handles used with furoshiki (wrapping cloth). 

  • Vapur

    California-based Vapur, Inc. started in 2009 as a big idea with a simple solution. What began as a passion-filled hobby ended up sparking a water revolution and an international foldable bottle trend. Now as the leading designer, marketer and distributor of reusable, handheld, collapsible hydration products, Vapur’s Anti-Bottles have been adopted by athletes, celebrities, activists and families alike. Proudly manufactured in the United States.

  • Yellow Studio

    Established in 1995, Yellow Studio is a Japanese company located in Shizuoka prefecture. They offer functional and well-designed lunch gear including lunch boxes,  cutlery and a large assortment of thermal lunch bags.

  • Yumbox

    We wanted a box housing a bento-like tray, with one lid that sealed all compartments; designated food groups to encourage and assist parents in packing a balanced meal; built-in portion control; a cool design and illustrations to make this little box more of an adventure in good nutrition than just plain old lunch!

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